Von Hohenstaufen Holding offers its clients a wide range of consultancy services. We combine know-how and innovative strategies from different areas with knowledge of business and industry. This enables us to make your company successful on an international level.


Our activities are focussed on remuneration and business consulting for freelancers, private individuals and commercial enterprises, regardless of the legal form. 


Companies are important employers, taxpayers, educational institutions and major innovators of a functioning social market economy.


Like other companies, your company will also face some challenges, such as globalization, Industry 4.0, digitization and innovation.


We accompany and advise your company with the utmost care.


It is the main point for us to focus on and to provide long-term support to private individuals and investors.


Von Hohenstaufen Holding offers its customers a variety of consulting options for them to achieve their set goals individually.


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Qualified and motivated employees make a decisive contribution to the success of a company, which is why it is necessary to be an attractive employer.

By optimizing the reward structure, not only the attractiveness of the employer but also the motivation and loyalty of the staff increases.

Adequate employee remuneration forms the basis for satisfied employees.

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