Von Hohenstaufen Consulting Department is a professional and competent consulting company for family businesses, private investors and groups from different industries.


We specialize in strategical processes, marketing & sales, operations, financing, transaction advisory services, business performance management, as well as in overcoming corporate crises permanently through restructuring, reorganization and acquisition of other companies.


Our priority is to ensure the right balance between shareholder tasks and corporate interests to design a mutually successful corporate future.

As an independent company, Von Hohenstaufen Holding is a top management consultancy.

We only represent the interests of our clients. We always have an eye for detail and overall solutions thanks to our entrepreneurial mindset and action. 


In addition to our core business areas, we also offer a range of optimising and special services, such as reward optimisation methods.


Our aim is to create a sustainable concept for our customers, thereby increasing their competitiveness, earning power and corporate value.