The fee optimisation enables employers to offer their employees tax-privileged remuneration components.


This allows companies to reduce their staff costs and provide their employees with a more net payment of the gross.


It not only creates new opportunities for investment, but also the foundation for a satisfied and motivated workforce.



The reward optimization offers various design options and solutions for your company.


One of the possibilities enables it to make more effective special payments (Christmas or holiday pay), whereby the employee receives about 20-30% more net, while the employer can reduce his costs by up to 15%.



Likewise, we are well versed in offering you hundreds of tax-free reward components that arrive without any deductions to the employee and are more cost-effective for the employer.


We are looking forward to arranging a personal appointment with you to find an individual solution for your company.


  • An effective solution for employee acquisition

  • Employee satisfaction and ER attractiveness increases

  • Cost optimization and liquidity growth for the company

  • Increasing the efficiency of employees

  • Increased social responsibility towards employees


  • Salary increase without deductions

  • More net of gross

  • Increased standard of living

  • Preventing old-age poverty

  • Recognition and appreciation by the employer