You have worked for 40 years or more, and yet the annuity payment is not enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in old age?


You own property or condominium, possess forest or agricultural land? You are interested in a monthly additional annuity?


At Von Hohenstaufen Holding you came to the right place! Because we offer you an innovative solution that allows you to enjoy your well-deserved retirement.  


You get financial support from us to ensure your standard of living.

Von Hohenstaufen Holding provides you with a one-off payment for your property or land and a monthly additional payment that will allow you to fully enjoy your life. 


You have a right to use your property for life. This is secured by a notarized contract in the land register.

All costs incurred for the renovation or procedures in land registry office are taken over by Von Hohenstaufen Holding.


You can relax and enjoy your well-deserved retirement.