Von Hohenstaufen Holding constantly acquires new properties around the world in order to stay active and loyal to our customers in this area as well.


Moreover, we continuously plan new projects worldwide that are sustainable and profitable.


Our real estate funds are always refurbished and modernized by our partner companies for the purpose of generating the best possible profit.


In our business strategy, we focus on lucrative residential properties in economically important regions in Europe and growing metropolitan regions around the world.


All activities aim to continuously increase the value of our portfolio. 

Investments in real estate serve not only as a retirement plan but also as a safe investment with low risk. They also provide protection against inflation and serve as a stable alternative investment in times of crisis.


Our real estate department works closely with municipal authorities. Thus, we guarantee a smooth process.


We purchase worldwide:


  • Real estate packages (from foreclosures)

  • Old building projects

  • New construction projects of all kinds

  • Luxury real estate from our portfolio

  • Agricultural land

  • Forest land

  • Building plots of all kinds